Basswood Frame with Dovetail Key Inlays (8x10)

This is a Basswood frame with Meranti dovetail key inlays. The keys are seamless the rest of the frame and add a nice contrast to the light color of the Basswood. The frame was finished with a high grit sand paper in between being wet with water to bring out the grain. This allows me to sand down high spots, this is done until the grain of the wood no longer stands on end. After sanding, multiple coats of tung oil was applied to amplify the color of the keys. After drying, layers of shellac were applied until the surface had a smooth coat. In between applications the shellac was wet sanded.



Finishing process is meant to bring out the natural color and grain patterns of the wood. The finished dimensions are roughly 13"x 11". 


*Due to the nature of nature, no two frames will look identical. Note that there can be differences in shades and grain pattern.


*All frames include glass, backing and hardware

Price: $75.00
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