How did you learn to work with wood?

I am self taught in that I learned (and continue to learn) by watching YouTube videos.  I have explored and mastered several classic and time tested methods, by primarily focusing on learning to use hand tools.

Who are your favorite mentors?

This is a hard one, and there's a list that I will probably have to modify regularly because I'm always exploring new content.  Steve Hay who hosts Woodworking Masterclass on Youtube (but at the time was exclusively on Twitch) played a significant role in the development (or escalation rather) of my passion.  Frank Klausz is an incredible source of talent, as well as a highly sucessful imigrant from Hungary.  You can check out his channel here.

How long did it take you to learn everything that you currently know?

Well, I built my first workbench in the summer of 2017.  Since then it's been an avalanche of knowledge, experimentation, tool collecting, and continuous growth of my buisness.  

Do you exclusively use hand tools to do your work?

Sometimes, but most of the time I use power tools to remove waste (for instance when milling or resawing etc).  I use hand tools in every single project, though, which means that the finish of each piece is pristine. 

Who makes your favorite tools?

This is tricky because I love almost all tools.  My paternal grandfather was a woodworker, and together he and my Nonno (maternal grandfather) taught me to love tools at an early age.  I am working on reviewing specific tools and posting those reviews, however for large machinery I currently have a wide variety of Jet products, as well as Festool.  Hand tools wise, I've recently discovered Blue Spruce Toolworks.  My "long" time favorites are HNT Gordon who makes wooden block planes (my groom's cake was modeled after one!) , and Lie Nielson who makes replicas of Stanley tools. 

Are you compensated for sharing specific brands?

Not at this time, and I avoid any conflicts of interest, focusing on what I find on my own!

When did you transition from hobby to buisness?

About a month after I first started?  I started exploring picture frames and almost immediately started getting requests, and to my surprise they wanted to pay me!  After much urging from TimberWife I opened a little Etsy shop.  My first sale to a complete stranger was in September 2017.  

Can I place an order on your website or do I have to go through Etsy?

While I've gained a lot of buisness from Etsy, I eventually plan to discontinue use, so I prefer orders through my website!  Feel free to contact me with any inquiries. 

How soon can I receive a product?

Most products are made to order.  Models shown are for display purposes.  On occasions one of a kind, ready to ship items may be available.  Please contact our sales team for further info. 

Do you make custom orders? 

Yes! A majority of my sales come from custom orders, and I excitedly pursue new designs in order to make something the way someone wants, exactly.  Feel free to inquire by using my contact page!