Posted by Megan Malenfant on Mar 13, 2019 under

I decided to mess with gold leaf today to try out the gilding process as well as see the results. 

I tried the spray first, as the adhseive, and while it was easier and faster than applying the liquiud (with which you have to wait for it to dry completely).  I put the piece on some cardboard so I could move it away from my electronics loaded workspace, and then started applying the gold leaf (which I just purchased at a local major chain craft store).

The gold leaf was fragile, but I was able to tear it into smaller pieces wearing gloves (the oil from skin makes gold adhere) and then laying them on the wood.  After it would stick to the adhseive, I'd press it down with my gloved finger, and then use a brush to smooth it out.  The downside from the spray adhseive was that it dried quickly, so I lost some leaf when it didn't stick.  I decided to try selectively spraying a smaller area at a time, and that seemed to work well.  

Since I was wearing gloves.. I did not get any pictures mid process but I hope to retry and add some middle of the process photos soon! 

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