Welcome to TimberByMarc!  

I am Marc and I started woodworking August of 2017, with a simple project of "putting up a shelf" with my girlfriend (now my wife aka Timberwife) in her garage in Illinois. We decided to fix the back of the wall behind the shelf so it would look, you know, nice. Then we decided to fix ALL the walls. During that process I noticed severe termite damage on most of the studs and bottom plate. Since I have a background in carpentry (house framing) I decided to fix all of it. So she bought me a chop saw. After that long process (we encountered many more problems than just the termites, I'll spare the details...but feel free to ask me about the story) I decided it would be a good idea to have a bench for doing stuff around the house and yard. Then YouTube happened!

I watched videos on different projects to keep me busy and have a little hobby while I was up there. I would fly and stay a week every month to visit and spend time with her and the youngling. Being apart was difficult for us, we had been doing it for a year or more already. So, I decided to stay longer and come back to Texas just to visit. So I am getting all these ideas and decided to get my first table saw (Kobalt portable table saw). I started getting into the power tool thing, then all of a sudden I came across this channel with a gentlemen using hand tools. He was making gorgeous pieces with just his hands. That's when it all started to really take shape. I started buying planes, chisels and other various hand tools from Ebay not knowing what to really look for. i got burned on a few purchases after i contacted the Youtuber and gave me the bad news about some of my planes. I did woodworking everyday and started with small stuff. I taught myself how to use everything I have now. I made some great contacts during that time.

I was using Timberwife's Ipad to watch these streams while I worked to keep some background noise and maybe learn something. She decided that I should get an Ipad pro for out there for the bigger screen and what not. Turns out its a lot cheaper to buy a full blown computer with touch screen. So she suggested Twitch.tv. She liked what I was doing and it was keeping me in Illinois more, so we were both happy.

Then streaming took off, I was streaming all the time (too much now that I look at it). But, I was actually getting people who liked to watch me work! This blew me away and I was touched. I started getting followers, views and some even subscribed. So now its my daily routine.

We came to the agreement that I would stream during the week, during regular work hours. Now here I am. I love what I do! I love that people enjoy watching me work on projects and that they really like my products. I am still trying to learn the marketing and business side of things (my father is a businessman, I am like his dad, hands on and he was also a woodworker) and it's a steep learning curve for me. I am self taught, i don't have anyone around to show me how to use or make any of these projects. So i fail, A LOT, but I learn along the way.

Woodworking itself brings great pleasure to my life and I am glad i ended up doing it. I still have my doubts if I should have tried something else, but I married the woman of my dreams, brought my little family to Texas and my shop. I took over yet another garage while my business grows, so say hi to Timbermom, Timberdad and Sir when you see them walk by. I truly am thankful for everyone of you that comes to my channel. It's a hard living I found out, but I have a great group of people giving me support when I have serious doubt. So to everyone that donates, subs, follows and just stops buy to look. THANK YOU!!!

Come say hi in chat, we have a great little community that share the same interests and some that just like to watch. Ask me questions about anything and I'll stop what I am doing and show you what I can to the best of my knowledge. Please ask me about my tools!! I LOVE tools, always have and I look for unique ones everyday and believe it or not, I use every tool in my shop. Thanks again and hope to see you on stream. Take care.